Stronk The Barbarian v1.0.14 Has Been Released! [LATEST VERSION]

Changelog v1.0.14

  • Added press "M" to go back to main menu
  • Reworked Level Select
  • Added Metal Block
  • Added Metal Platform
  • Added Moving Metal Platform
  • Added Toxic Sludge
  • Added Toxic Sceletons
  • Added Toxic Mother Wasps
  • Added Blue Health Potions (+2 HP)
  • Added Version Number in Title
  • Added Level 6
  • Reworked Level 2 Stage 2 - Thankyou Community
  • Reworked Jump Height - Thankyou Community
  • Reworked Hitpoints for EVERY Enemy - Thankyou Community
  • Fixed Level 2 HP Bug - Thankyou Community
  • Fixed Level Select Level 1 Health Bug - Thankyou Community
  • Added Blue Lomba's
  • Removed Stront

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Stronk The Barbarian v1.0.14 Installer.exe 55 MB
May 16, 2017

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